Boot Camp Information:

The first step will be to submit a Contact Form. You will receive a call to discuss your training goals and to schedule a consultation.

An initial in-person consultation is REQUIRED before accepting dogs into our training program. during the consultation, we will discuss your goals in greater detail, and you will receive a quote as to how many weeks your dog will need for training.

These goals can range anywhere from  obedience, off- leash training, manners, animal aggression, human aggression, reactivity, anxiety, and fear. 

What should you bring with the Boot Camp?

You should bring enough food to last the duration of training, a leash, a muzzle if needed, any chews/ bones you'd like to leave in their kennels, and veterinary paperwork. We require rabies, distemper, bordetella, a clean fecal within 6 months, and flea and tick preventative. If any medication needs to be administered throughout training, send that with as well.

We do not need bowls, toys, beds, blankets, etc.


90 minute consultation: $100

All consultations will take place at my facility.

This fee will go towards your program if you schedule right then and there. 25% of your program fee is required as a non-refundable down payment when scheduling. The remaining balance is required the day your program begins.

Pricing and duration of training is dependent on your training goals. At your consultation, please have your goals ready.

3 Weeks Basics Boot Camp:


This is reserved for puppies and adult dogs for advanced obedience, manners, and off-leash training.

3-5 Week Behavior Modification Boot Camp:

$2,300- $3,700.

This is reserved anxiety, fear, reactivity, and aggression.

Included in each program:

Leashes/ training collars

1 90 minute session the day before go home

1 90 minute session the day of go home

Follow up support

Emailed training plan 1 week prior to the program's end

Updates throughout training on social media

Pickup and drop off:

You are required to pick up and drop off your dog at our facility. These times will be scheduled.

Drop off will remain to 10 minutes or less.