Relationship Recovery & Relocation Program

This program allows struggling owners, rescues, and shelters to enroll their dogs into a 5 week Boot Camp training program. This is the only program we have available to accept surrenders if necessary.


This program is designed to rehabilitate relationships that are seemingly making a living with your dog unrealistic and unachievable. The goal of this program is to prevent unnecessary relocation or euthanasia, to restructure your relationship by providing insight into why you are experiencing these behavioral issues. The road to recovery is going to be a lengthy, soul searching process for both you and your dog. IF at the end of the program, it is decided that your dog is a candidate to be placed with another family, we will accept a surrender into our program.


Program requirements:

-Regardless of the program you are enrolling in, there is going to be an exceptional amount of work on your end. When relationships are to the point of wanting to give up on your dog, there is going to be even more work involved than you’d expect. The wonderful thing about this is that if we are able to rise up to overcome these obstacles you are facing, the ultimate reward is that you may be able to keep your dog, which is something you hadn’t thought possible.

-Being that the goal of this program is to keep the dog placed with you, you do understand that even after the 5 weeks of training your dog will be with me, you are going to be a huge part of the rehabilitation process. This learning process includes everything involved in a 5 week training program, but will require more work after that 5 weeks than the average person will have to put in. Additional follow up support is included in this program.


-At the end of the 5 week training program, IF your family or organization decides that this dog is more suitable being placed with another family through my non-profit dog rescue, and dog is showing that rehabilitation of their behavioral concerns is a potential, a surrender contract will release your dog into our care. Keep in mind that there are very few dogs that are not able to be adopted out, but it can happen for very severe cases particularly involving human aggression and anxiety. 

-Throughout the training program, you are responsible for medical treatments that arise, including, but not limited to bloodwork, surgeries, exams, etc. Your dog is your dog until training is complete.


-Your dog must have had a heartworm test 6 months prior, be on flea and tick preventative as well as heartworm preventative (you must send enough to keep the dog up to date throughout training), already be spayed/ neutered, and be up to date on Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies vaccinations.

-The fee for this program is $4,995.



We understand that this program is uncommon and we may have clients enroll from further away and are unable to come in person to have private sessions. In such a case, consultations and sessions will resume at scheduled times via a phone call or video chat through Skype. 

To continue with this program, submit a contact form and you will receive a call to schedule a consultation.