Ryan Olson

Before I get into information about myself, I just wanted to let you know that I've seen many owners struggle, thinking there is no option other than to re-home their dog. I want to let you know that THERE IS HOPE! Do not let previous experiences with other trainers deter you from giving me a shot. Most of my success stories have tried multiple other trainers.

Don't give up! Together, we can make your home not only safe, but enjoyable.


Now for a bit about me:

My journey towards becoming a dog trainer started off a little differently than most. At the age of 22, I started Rescue Gang, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dog rescue out of my 2 bedroom apartment. Soon enough, I realized that when a foster parent couldn't handle a dog on their own, I would have to be the one to help that dog become adoptable. I would also transfer dogs that shelters would otherwise euthanize, so I could learn right along with them. I realized I had found what I was supposed to do with my life.

I've come across a very broad range of personalities and behavior issues. We've rescued  in dogs who have sat in puppy mills, haven't had any prior training, and those that don't have very good socialization skills. You name it and we've come across it!

When dogs have behavior issues within our foster program, I am the "go-to" for training advice and am the back up foster parent for when those issues make them unmanageable in their foster home. 

As we all know, every single dog is different. They learn in their own way, have their own temperaments, likes, dislikes, and things that motivate them. That's why I do not limit my training techniques. I get to know the dog and will figure out the right tools and techniques to use based on the issues at hand. =

That being said, I do make use of prong collars, e-collars, barkless collars, compressed air, slip leads, etc. The goal is always to be as firm as you need, but to take the easiest route to achieve the training goals.

I have certifications in Veterinary Assisting,

Animal CPR and First Aid, Pet Psychology, Pet Adoption, Shelter Training and Enrichment, and Dog Training and Basic Obedience. I have also completed Aggression Mastermind 101 with Mango Dogs and several training shadow programs.

I continue to learn on a daily basis by studying the teachings of other trainers, their techniques, and from dogs themselves. I believe that learning never ends.

Thank you for reading this. I can't wait to meet your family!

Ryan is excellent! He is devoted to both the owner and the dogs success. He has helped me with my dog twice now. Once adjusting right after adoption and just recently with aggression/fear of new people. He came over and worked with me for hours and then sent and extremely detailed email after to help me remember everything we learned. He is really passionate about dogs- from placing last chance dogs in homes and then following up and supporting to make sure the transition is good for all. 


"I think there is a special place in heaven for people like Ryan for doing the work that he does. If you have any amount of time or money whatsoever to donate to his cause, you should do so without hesitation."



I Just want to let you know that Buck is doing awesome! He was great in the crate last night and during the day today! And Jon has really been doing great too! I appreciate you training him for me! I had also taken your advice yesterday- i literally said "if you cant work with a dog and put the time in, i will leave. I have to have a dog"


Ryan did such an amazing job with my Golden Retriever, Tanner. Tanner is almost 18 months old and still has a LOT of puppy behavior (jumping on people, counter surfing, pulling on his leash etc). He also started to become fearful of new people and things about 6 months ago. Ryan came to my home and within about 4 hours Tanner was a completely different dog. All the training was working and I was stunned at how well and quickly he was learning. Ryan did not rush anything. We have our homework to work on but now I know how and what to do. Honestly, I think I am the one who needed training - this is my first dog (I always have had cats as an adult) and I had no idea how to communicate commands to Tanner. Silly as it sounds, I would mostly "talk" to him thinking he was understanding what I was saying;). With Ryan's help, I am learning how to correct and adjust his behavior - He emailed me a very long and detailed review of our training and directions on how to continue the training. My dog is more than just a pet to me, he is my best buddy, companion and emotional support and I can't thank you enough for your help!


"Ryan has a heart of gold, and definitely has the best interest in heart."


There aren't enough words to say how much we appreciated the help! The individual care and willingness to stay however long we needed was phenomenal!


“Ryan has really put his heart, soul and countless hours into helping animals. He came to my house to walk me through separation anxiety training for my dog. This is an issue he's dealt with often, so he had tons of methods that have really helped my dog get comfortable staying home alone. He even went the extra mile, offering to lend us tools while we worked on the training (a crate, thunder buddy, etc). Rescue Gang is a great organization, and it's exciting seeing all their progress and growth."  ​



Ryan has been an absolute blessing to me. He has put his whole heart into training my Jax. We chose to board and train, and we are so happy we did. Ryan went above and beyond what I was expecting. When we dropped our dog off for training we could barely even walk Jax on a leash and now its possible. During the two weeks Ryan was in total contact with me sending me videos, texts, answering my questions, giving tips, etc. Ryan will not only continue to help train my Jax he has also became our friend.